ID the Future Podcasting on Intelligent Design and Evolution


The ID The Future (IDTF) podcast serves the mission of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture of exploring the issues central to evolution and intelligent design. IDTF is a short podcast providing you with the most current news and views on evolution and ID. IDTF delivers brief interviews with key scientists and scholars developing the theory of ID, as well as insightful commentary from Discovery Institute senior fellows and staff on the scientific, educational and legal aspects of the debate. 

The Center for Science and Culture

Our Mission

The mission of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture is to advance the understanding that human beings and nature are the result of intelligent design rather than a blind and undirected process. We seek long-term scientific and cultural change through cutting-edge scientific research and scholarship; education and training of young leaders; communication to the general public; and advocacy of academic freedom and free speech for scientists, teachers, and students.

Research & Scholarship

  • Books, Articles and Research by scientists and scholars.
  • The Biologic Institute, a research lab to demonstrate the value of intelligent design for the practice of biology and to test the empirical claims of Neo-Darwinism, intelligent design, and other theories of biological origins.

Education & Outreach

Media & Communications

Academic Freedom

Our Team

The Center has 40 affiliated academic Fellows representing disciplines such as physics, astronomy, chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, mathematics, history and philosophy of science, law and political science. Our Fellows are scholars who do research, writing, and speaking on topics relating to the Center. Some Fellows are provided full or part-time financial support by the Center, but most are unpaid. Many hold full-time research or teaching appointments at universities and colleges. The Center also funds scientists at our affiliated research organization, the Biologic Institute. In addition to scientists and other scholars, the Center has administrative staff who administer and carry out its programs.

The Center is a program of Discovery Institute, a 501(c)3 non-profit and non-partisan educational and research organization headquartered in Seattle. Instead of taxpayer funds, the Center relies on the generosity of public-spirited private donors who want to make a difference.