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Design-Assisted Evolution: A Response to Rope Kojonen

Stephen Dilley
February 21, 2024
Can evolution and design be wedded in a happy marriage? On this ID The Future, host Casey Luskin kicks off a series of interviews responding to theologian Dr. Rope Kojonen's proposal that front-loaded design and a full-blooded evolutionary process worked together in harmony to produce the diversity of life we find on earth. Here, Luskin interviews Dr. Stephen Dilley, lead author of a comprehensive critique of Kojonen's model co-authored with Luskin, Brian Miller, and Emily Reeves published in the journal Religions. This is Part 1 of a two-part conversation. Look for Part 2 next!

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A Reading From Darwin’s Bluff

Andrew McDiarmid
February 19, 2024
Charles Darwin penned three-quarters of a sequel to his famous book On the Origin of Species, but he never finished or published it. Why not? On this ID The Future, we're pleased to bring you an exclusive excerpt from author and professor Dr. Robert Shedinger's new book Darwin's Bluff: The Mystery of the Book Darwin Never Finished. This exclusive reading covers the Introduction to the book and a portion of Ch. 6. Get your copy at

Darwin’s Rhetorical Foundation of Sand: Theological Utilitarianism

Cornelius G. Hunter
February 16, 2024
On this ID the Future from the vault, biophysicist Cornelius Hunter explores Charles Darwin’s theological arguments for his theory of evolution. Darwin received what is known as theological utilitarianism from the intellectual culture of his youth, and he built a case against it with his theory of natural selection. Hunter explains the problems with Darwin's tunnel vision and why it matters today.

Demythologizing Darwin: More on Darwin’s Bluff

Robert Shedinger
February 14, 2024
Under the weight of modern scientific evidence, Darwin's theory of evolution is struggling. To better understand why, it's helpful to peel back the mythological status of its founder, Charles Darwin, and see the 19th century naturalist for who he really was. On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid concludes his conversation with author and professor Dr. Robert Shedinger about his new book Darwin's Bluff: The Mystery of the Book Darwin Never Finished. This is Part 2 of a two-part conversation. Don't miss Part 1!

Darwin’s Bluff: An Interview with Robert Shedinger

Robert Shedinger
February 12, 2024
Why didn't Charles Darwin finish and publish his promised sequel to On The Origin of Species? Is it possible to separate Darwin the Myth from Darwin the Man to find the answer? On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid begins a conversation with author and professor Dr. Robert Shedinger about his new book Darwin's Bluff: The Mystery of the Book Darwin Never Finished. This is Part 1 of 2. Look for Part 2 next!

Rarefied Design: The Privileged Planet, 20 Years On

Jay Richards
February 9, 2024
It's a big universe out there. Could life exist on another planet? Maybe, but it's not just the size of the universe that matters, it's also the size of the chasm between non-life and life. On this ID The Future, bestselling author and radio host Michael Medved sits down with philosopher of science Dr. Jay Richards to preview the theme of this year’s Dallas Science and Faith Conference and discuss the arguments of his popular book The Privileged Planet, written 20 years ago with co-author and astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez.

How the Caterpillar Got Its Legs…Or Not

Günter Bechly
February 7, 2024
Almost 400 years after its discovery, the process of metamorphosis is still a thorny conundrum for evolutionary biologists. But there are other aspects of the humble caterpillar that elude a satisfactory Darwinian explanation, like the origin of caterpillar prolegs. On this ID The Future, paleo-entemologist Dr. Gunter Bechly returns to share insights with us from another article in his popular Fossil Friday series.

Parables from Nature: A Profile of Margaret Gatty

Andrew McDiarmid
February 5, 2024
She was born the same year as Charles Darwin. Like him, she studied nature and wrote books. But while Darwin staked his life's work on the power of natural selection, she recognized the evidence of intelligent design in nature and living organisms. On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid shares his profile of 19th century naturalist and children's author Margaret Gatty. Here, McDiarmid reports on Gatty's life and work within the framework of Darwin's, to show where both were similar as well as where they diverged. The result is a better understanding of 19th century Britain during a crucial chapter in the history of biology, and indeed, in the history of human ideas.

The Role of Engineers in the Systems Biology Revolution

Steve Laufmann
February 2, 2024
What happens when biologists and engineers get together to study the natural world? Today’s ID the Future from the archive spotlights systems biology and the role engineers can play in leading-edge biology. Today's host is Eric Anderson. According to his guest Steve Laufmann, systems biology, which is taking the biological world by storm, is an approach that treats biological systems as optimally or near-optimally engineered systems, and seeks to better understand these systems.

Evolution’s Demigods: Reviewing the Tour/Cronin Debate

ID the Future
January 31, 2024
Do biologists give too much credit to natural selection and self-organization? What are the limits of a materialist approach to science? On this ID The Future, we bring you the second half of a panel discussion reviewing the recent debate on origin of life research at Harvard University between Rice University chemistry professor Dr. James Tour and University of Glasgow professor of chemistry Dr. Lee Cronin. In this second half, the panel continue critiquing natural selection and discuss how intelligent design is a legitimate threat to materialist science. This is Part 2 of 2. Find Part 1 and hundreds more episodes at

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