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Panda Bear Eating Bamboo, Bifengxia Panda Reserve in Ya'an Sichu

The Panda’s Thumb: An Extraordinary Instance of Design?

Does the panda's thumb refute intelligent design? Or is it one of the most extraordinary manipulation systems in the mammalian world, as one respected study has found? On this ID The Future, host Casey Luskin speaks with philosopher Dr. Stephen Dilley about his recent paper evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the iconic panda's thumb argument for evolution. Read More ›
Grand Prismatic Spring

Two Nature Articles Call for Rethink in Biology

It's not just intelligent design theorists who are calling for a major rethink of biology and origin-of-life research. On this ID The Future, Casey Luskin speaks to host Andrew McDiarmid about two recent articles in the prestigious journal Nature that review major problems with current theories on the origin of life and the source of genetic complexity in living things. Dig deeper with more resources at Read More ›
cosmos swing man

An Engineer Talks ID, Biomimicry, and Hacking the Cosmos

On today’s ID the Future from the vault, host Casey Luskin sits down with Dominic Halsmer, a Senior Professor of Engineering at Oral Roberts University, to discuss Halsmer’s book Hacking the Cosmos: How Reverse Engineering Uncovers Organization, Ingenuity, and the Care of a Maker. They pair discuss the engineering concept known as affordance, reverse engineering of biological systems, and biomimicry. Read More ›
word God crossed out and replaced by science on a US dollar bill

Stephen Meyer on the Crisis of Trust in Science

Is modern science a search for truth or a search for power? How can we restore public trust in the scientific enterprise? On this ID The Future, we're delighted to share a recent conversation between bioethicist Wesley J. Smith and philosopher of science Dr. Stephen C. Meyer. In an exchange that lasts just over an hour, Smith and Meyer touch on a variety of topics relevant to the public’s view of the scientific enterprise. This interview originally aired on the Humanize podcast. Read More ›

The Incredible Design of Muscles

To understand the limitations of evolutionary mechanisms, we have to "bite the bullet of complexity," as biochemist Michael Behe writes. And to appreciate complexity, we have to experience it. On this ID The Future, Dr. Jonathan McLatchie takes us on a deep dive into the structure and biochemistry of muscles to gain a better understanding of their incredible design properties. Read More ›

ID and the CSC Summer Seminar: Transformative

On this episode of ID the Future from the archive, host Emily Kurlinski interviews a PhD biochemistry student who tells about her experiences at the annual Center for Science and Culture summer seminar program in Seattle, and how her relationships there developed into a community of friendship, professional connection, and support, inspiring her to choose research as her own career path. Read More ›
Spiral Ammonite fossil closeup background

The Incompatibility of Evolution and Design

On this ID The Future, philosopher Stephen Dilley speaks with scientist and attorney Casey Luskin about theologian Dr. Rope Kojonen's recent proposal on the compatibility of evolution and intelligent design. In previous episodes of this series, Dr. Luskin interviewed colleagues Brian Miller, Emily Reeves, and Stephen Dilley about their contributions to a recent paper critiquing Kojonen's model. Now, Luskin concludes the series with some additional insights of his own. This is the final episode in a series. For more, visit Read More ›
Humpback whale underwater in Caribbean

Designed Evolution? The Evidence Isn’t There

Can intelligent design and evolution work together? It's an intriguing idea that is welcomed by some, but does the scientific evidence support it? On this ID The Future, host Casey Luskin speaks with Dr. Emily Reeves to discuss her contribution to a recent paper critiquing theologian Dr. Rope Kojonen's proposal that mainstream evolutionary biology and intelligent design have worked in harmony to produce the diversity of life we see on earth. This is part of a series of interviews on this topic. Dig deeper with more resources and episodes at Read More ›

No, Scientists Should Not Rule

Would our world be a better place if scientists were in charge? On this ID the Future from the archive, author and philosopher Jay Richards hosts bioethicist Wesley J. Smith to discuss a tweet from The tweet read, “Imagine a world ruled by scientists, not politicians.” The pair discuss the consequences of such a form of governance, using the response to the coronavirus pandemic as a case in point. Read More ›
Proteomics and Protein Folding Prediction Through Computational Means - Conceptual Illustration

Brian Miller on the Limits of Protein Evolution

Was the universe designed to evolve through natural processes? In a recent book, theologian Dr. Rope Kojonen has argued that evolutionary mechanisms work in harmony with intelligent design to produce the diversity of life we see on earth. But can these fundamentally different processes really work together? On this ID The Future, host Casey Luskin speaks with physicist Dr. Brian Miller to explore why Kojonen's theory fails on scientific grounds. This interview is part of a series responding to Kojonen's proposal. Catch other episodes in the series at or through your favorite podcasting app. Read More ›