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Stand Up For Science

Rob Crowther
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Stand Up For Science, Stand Up For Kansas

Should public schools censor scientific evidence just because it challenges Darwin’s theory of evolution? Or, should teachers present ALL the scientific evidence, including both the strengths and weaknesses of evolutionary theory?

The overwhelming majority of Americans believe that when biology teachers present the scientific evidence supporting Darwin’s theory of evolution, they should also teach the scientific evidence against it.

According to the Kansas State Board of Education: “Regarding the scientific theory of biological evolution, the curriculum standards call for students to learn about the best evidence for modern evolutionary theory, but also to learn about areas where scientists are raising scientific criticisms of the theory.”

However, there are some in Kansas, and around the country, now using their voices to try to undermine Kansas’ science standards and stifle discussion of the scientific evidence they don’t like.

If you agree that children should be fully informed about evolution, join with like-minded citizens and stand up in support of the Kansas state science standards.

Go to and sign the petition today.


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Robert Crowther

Robert Crowther holds a BA in Journalism with an emphasis in public affairs and 20 years experience as a journalist, publisher, and brand marketing and media relations specialist. His writing on a number of issues has been published in The Seattle Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The New York Times,, San Angelo Standard Times, Tacoma News Tribune, Whistleblower Magazine, LTM Newsletter, City Magazine, Insight Out, Cityheat, Business Unusual, and Computer Wave.