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A Kansas Teacher Stands Up For Science

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As you may know, last year the Kansas State Board of Education revised the state’s science standards to encourage the teaching of scientific evidence that both favors and presents the limitations of Darwin’s theory.

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This podcast we have a short interview with a 10 year veteran teacher in Kansas public schools. Jill Gonzalez Bravo is an 8th grade Kansas science teacher and holds a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a Science and Technology emphasis. She is also a recipent of the Education Leadership Award, National Foundation for the Improvement of Education.

Last year Ms. Gonzalez Bravo testified to the Kansas state board of education in support of the new science standards. So, we decided to catch up with her and find out why she, as a public school teacher, is standing up for science and standing up for the Kansas science standards.

Be sure to visit the Stand Up For Science website.

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