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ID the Future Intelligent Design, Evolution, and Science Podcast

Eric Anderson: Probability and Intelligent Design

Casey Luskin
Eric H. Anderson
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On this ID the Future from the vault, Eric Anderson makes his first appearance on ID the Future, in an interview with host Casey Luskin. By this point Anderson had been involved in the intelligent design debate for over a decade, and at that stage his primary focus was on analyzing the logical and rhetorical bases of arguments to help people understand strengths, weaknesses, and underlying assumptions of arguments made in the ID and evolution debate. He later used those skills in helping assemble a team of contributors for an excellent recent ID book Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell (Discovery Institute Press), to which he also contributes. There he taps another area of his expertise, the ongoing efforts to create self-reproducing machines, and he applies it to the mystery of life’s origin. Get a copy of the book here.

Eric H. Anderson

Eric H. Anderson is an attorney and software company entrepreneur, design theorist, and contributing author on evolution and intelligent design at Uncommon Descent. His research interests include origin of life, self-replication, and the logical and rhetorical underpinnings of evolutionary theory and intelligent design. He is co-author of the popular introductory book Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell (DI Press, 2020). Eric holds a BA magna cum laude in Russian with a minor in Spanish, and received his JD cum laude from J. Reuben Clark Law School.