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A Webb Telescope Tour with Space Telescope Expert Bijan Nemati

Jay Richards
Bijan Nemati
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On today’s ID the Future, physicist Bijan Nemati, an expert in advanced astronomical instruments, discusses the new James Webb space telescope with host Jay Richards. The NASA telescope has been successfully launched into space and has reached its destination, known as the Lagrange Point 2, roughly a million miles from Earth. If all goes well with the extremely delicate multi-phase deployment, the Webb telescope will go online in late spring or early summer 2022 and begin sending back stunning images. In this first of two episodes, Nemati describes the remaining steps in the telescope’s deployment, some of the extraordinary technology involved, and the telescope’s amazing powers, including its ability to see into the far infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, and deeper into space by far than any telescope before. For more from Center for Science and Culture senior fellows Nemati and Richards on astronomy, physics, and the evidence for intelligent design in the fine tuning of Earth and the cosmos for life and discovery, check out The Privileged Planet documentary, available here.

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Bijan Nemati

Principal Research Scientist, University of Alabama
Bijan Nemati is a Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He received his Ph.D. in high energy physics from the University of Washington, based on his research on heavy quark decays detected at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. After post-doctoral work at the Cornell synchrotron, he left particle physics to work on advanced astronomical instruments at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Dr. Nemati’s work on the NASA flagship Space Interferometry Mission (SIM) proved that the instrument could self-calibrate at the levels needed to detect exo-Earths. In 2020 Dr. Nemati authored a major paper on how to architect the system engineering of the exo-Earth imaging space telescopes.
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