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Billions of Missing Links: A Rational Look at the Mysteries that Evolution Can’t Explain

Geoffrey Simmons
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On this episode of ID the Future, CSC’s Casey Luskin interviews Dr. Geoffrey Simmons, author of the book Billions of Missing Links. In the book Simmons shows that as modern science has progressed from the visible to the invisible (microscopic, submicroscopic, genetic, biochemical and genetic) the numbers of missing links have skyrocketed. Every “link” discovered brings many more questions (missing links) than answers. Listen to hear more about science’s missing links, and click here to visit Simmons’ Amazon blog on the subject.

Geoffrey Simmons

Fellow, Center for Science and Culture
Geoffrey Simmons is a licensed and practicing physician in Eugene, OR, as well as an author and lecturer. Former Governor of the American Academy of Disaster Medicine (AADM) and a member of the Board of Governors of the Sacred Heart Medical Center's Emergency Preparedness Committee, he is the author of six novels and of the books What Darwin Didn't Know and Billions of Missing Links. He has lectured on disaster preparedness on radio and television as well as at many neighborhood associations and high schools, and has been a medical correspondent for KABC in Los Angeles and KUGN in Eugene, a guest on the Steve Allen show, and has made numerous radio appearances related to his writings.