ID the Future Intelligent Design, Evolution, and Science Podcast


The ID the Future website and album artwork alludes to a number of central CSC themes. In the background, the DNA references the signature of design at the microscopic level; the planetary orbits reference fine tuning at the cosmic level. Carried over from the original artwork, the bee and sunflower reference causal circularity, the fibonacci sequence, and beauty in design. The eclipse time lapse references the CSC logo and the temporal “future” in the title. The solar system is, after all, the grandest and most exquisite of clocks.


Previously, ID the Future has only required album art and therefore hasn’t boasted an official logo or vector versions of its type treatment. This is being remedied. Watch here for source files.


As a broadcast of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, ID the Future’s color palette shares that of its parent.

  • Space Bluecmyk 100-76-32-17 | rgb 17-61-99 | hex #113d63 | pms 7694C
  • Sky Bluecmyk 82-38-0-0 | rgb 22-122-191 | hex #167abf | pms 660C
  • Sunlight Yellow: cmyk 2-7-100-0 | rgb 255-221-0 | hex #ffdd00 | pms 7405C
  • Chromosphere Orange: cmyk 1-21-100-0 | rgb 254-194-23 | hex #fec217


Album Art