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Coherence and Function: Laufmann on Glicksman’s Series, The Designed Body

Steve Laufmann
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On this episode of ID the Future from the vault, Tod Butterfield interviews Steve Laufmann on Dr. Howard Glicksman’s 81-part EN series, The Designed Body. Listen in as Laufmann reflects on coherence in the body, specifically displayed in fetal development, as well as the limits of natural selection.

Steve Laufmann

Steve Laufmann is a speaker, author, computer scientist, and consultant in the design of enterprise-class systems of information systems. He’s known for his expertise in the difficulties of changing complex systems to perform new tasks. He’s currently developing an overarching framework for design-engineering in living systems. He leads the Engineering Research Group at Discovery Institute, and most recently chaired the program committee for CELS 2021. Steve is currently working with Dr. Howard Glicksman on a book, Your Designed Body, to be released by Discovery Institute Press in the fall of 2022. When he can’t think of anything else to do, he enjoys landscape photography, pizza, and old movies.
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