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Dr. Michael Egnor’s Brain Hypothesis

On this episode of ID the Future, Logan Gage interviews professor of neurosurgery at SUNY, Stony Brook Michael Egnor. Dr. Egnor discusses his current research into cerebral blood flow and the buffering of the brain from the force of blood pumped by the heart. Dr. Egnor’s approach to this problem is that of an engineer, using the design inference to understand how the brain protects itself from the pulsatility of the arterial blood flow of the heart.


Newsweek’s Trojan Horse

On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin discusses how Newsweek columnist Sharon Begley muffles the cosmic design inference and forces her philosophical blinders on her readers. Luskin shows how the evidence for fine-tuning is driving materialists like Begley to make extreme proposals — and to hide the alternative explanations — implicitly admitting that there is something about our universe needing explanation by an external cause.

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Why Specified Complexity Cannot Be Purchased Without Intelligence

On this episode of ID The Future, CSC’s Robert Crowther highlights one of the foundational books of the theory of intelligent design. No Free Lunch, the sequel to mathematician and CSC senior fellow William Dembski’s Cambridge University Press book The Design Inference, explores key questions about the origin of specified complexity. No Free Lunch demonstrates that design theory shows great promise of providing insight in the field of evolutionary computation


North Korean Nuclear Test Forces Seismologists to Make a Design Inference

Recently, seismologists were met with the unfortunate news that North Korea probably tested a nuclear weapon and handed the task of confirming whether the North Korean government was truthful when they claimed they tested a nuke. Interestingly, they will be using the theory of intelligent design in trying to distinguish between naturally caused seismic energy and seismic energy which was artificially produced by an explosion caused by intelligence.

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