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cradle of humankind
Lighted caves of Cradle of Humankind, a World Heritage Site in Gauteng Province, South Africa, the site of 2.8 million year old early hominid fossil and Mrs. Ples

New South Africa Book Explores Evidence of Design

Today’s ID the Future spotlights a new free online ID book from South Africa, Science and Faith in Dialogue, with contributions from Stephen Meyer, Hugh Ross, Guillermo Gonzalez, James Tour, Fazale Rana, Marcos Eberlin, and others. Geologist Casey Luskin joins host Eric Anderson to tell how the new peer-reviewed book came together and to describe the chapter he contributed, “Evolutionary Models of Palaeoanthropology, Genetics, and Psychology Fail to Account for Human Origins: A Review.” Luskin did his PhD in South Africa and had many opportunities to study various hominid fossils. Here he explains why he is convinced that intelligent design far better explains the fossil evidence than does Darwinian evolution.

Niño de Las Cuevas

Is “Ardi” All Washed Up?

On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin examines the rise and fall of “Ardi,” the once-purported “oldest human ancestor.” What happens to a once “missing link” when the hype wears off? Listen in and find out.


Biomimetics, Peppered Moths, and Ardi: The Top Ten Darwin and Design Science Stories for 2009

You could call it the year of evolution hype gone bust. On this episode of ID the Future, Casey Luskin interviews Dennis Wagner, executive director of the Access Research Network about their Top Ten Darwin and Design Science News Stories for 2009. Listen in to this second installment as they discuss five stories for 2009, including the crumbling icons of evolution, peppered moths, the overhyped fossil, “Ardi,” and the positive case for design in the Cambrian explosion.

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