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The Myth of Junk DNA

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Is Darwinism a Theory in Crisis?

Today’s ID the Future spotlights The Comprehensive Guide to Science and Faith, and specifically, an essay in the new anthology by biologist Jonathan Wells, “Is Darwinism a Theory in Crisis?” As Wells and host Casey Luskin note, the essay title alludes to philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn’s influential 1962 book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Kuhn argued there that if one studies the history of scientific revolutions, one finds that when the scientific evidence has begun to turn against a dominant scientific paradigm—when its days are numbered— its adherents do not simply concede defeat. Instead they use all their institutional power to suppress dissent and punish proponents of any competing paradigm. This is the period of crisis, which can last Read More ›


The Origin of the Myth of Junk DNA

This episode of ID the Future features a clip from Discovery Senior Fellow, biologist Jonathan Wells, whose new book, The Myth of Junk DNA, is out now. Where did this idea of junk DNA come from? How did it become the dominant view of science? And what’s the problem with this argument? Listen in as he explains.