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Why Science Needs a Scout Mindset

Scout or soldier? When it comes to our opinions and beliefs, there's a bit of both in all of us. But which mindset is more beneficial? On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid welcomes Dr. Jonathan McLatchie to discuss the characteristics of a scout mindset and how it relates to the debate over evolution and the evidence for intelligent design. Get full show notes at Read More ›

Debate Really Is Good for Science Education

On this episode of ID the Future, host Robert Crowther interviews Sarah Chaffee, Program Director for Education and Public Policy at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. With long experience in formal debate, as a student and beyond student years, Chaffee explains how defending views strengthens students’ education. She also corrects a persistent misconception about the Discovery Institute’s science education policy: It’s about more evolution education, not less. Please consider donating to support the IDTF Podcast.

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The Michael Medved Show Weekly Science & Culture Update: Featuring Casey Luskin

On this episode of ID the Future, the CSC’s Casey Luskin and atheist Dan Barker of the Freedom From Religion Foundation debate academic freedom and free speech on the Medved Show. This debate was inspired by the ongoing case of Professor Eric Hedin, a physicist at Ball State University who is being threatened by the Freedom From Religion Foundation for favorably portraying intelligent design in the classroom.


The Curious Case of the Evolving Dr. Schafersman

Who’s really trying to dumb down how evolution is presented in schools today? This episode of ID the Future takes a look at the curious case of the evolving Dr. Steven Schafersman and what we can learn from it about current debates over teaching evolution. Listen in as CSC Associate Director John West traces the changing rhetoric of Dr. Schafersman of the misnomered “Texas Citizens for Better Science,” and the next time you hear a Darwinist claim that there are no scientific controversies over evolution, remember the case of the evolving Dr. Schafersman.

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