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Glucose Systems in the Body — Another Instance of Irreducible Complexity

Dr. Howard Glicksman, author of an extended series at Evolution News on “The Designed Body,” is interviewed today by Ray Bohlin on glucose, glycogen, glucogon, insulin — all part of an extended multi-step series essential for life — an irreducibly complex series.   “If students only knew how life worked,” says Dr. Glicksman,” … they’d quickly come to realize that when it comes to figuring out where it all came from, common sense tells us it was intelligent design, and it’s the Darwinists who are suffering from an illusion.”


A Doctor Examines Some Intricate Control Systems Sustaining Your Life Right Now

On this episode of ID the Future, Ray Bohlin interviews Physician Howard Glicksman about a common cause of death, cardio-pulmonary arrest, using the subject as a doorway to explore some intricate, interdependent control systems that sustains life. Dr. Glicksman is a medical doctor and author of an extended series of posts at Evolution News & Science Today, “The Designed Body.”

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Evolutionist Jerry Coyne: Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee, or ID

On this episode of ID: The Future, neurosurgeon Michael Egnor discusses Jerry Coyne’s free speech double standard. Peter Singer has advocated killing some handicapped newborns in the crib, and after some handicapped people protested and disrupted his lectures, Coyne objected to their infringing on Singer’s free speech rights. But then Coyne supported efforts to intimidate and possibly fire professor Eric Hedin for noting evidence of fine-tuning in an an elective seminar on “The Boundaries of Science.”* *Updated August 14, 2017


Our Irreducibly Complex Calcium Control System

On this episode of ID: The Future, Dr. Ray Bohlin interviews Dr. Howard Glicksman about the irreducible complexity of the human calcium control system. Glicksman is a medical doctor and author of an extended series of posts at Evolution News & Science Today called The Designed Body

Photo by Nathan Jacobson, © Discovery Institute

Politics and Protest: Briggs On What The March for Science Is Really About

On this episode of ID the Future, Discovery Institute Fellow Ray Bohlin interviews climate statistician William (Matt) Briggs about the upcoming March for Science. Listen in as they discuss the reaction to the Trump administration’s stance on global warming, the March diversity statement, and other ways this event is focused on politics – not science.


The Limits to Biological Change: An Interview with Ray Bohlin

In this episode of ID the Future, CSC’s Anika Smith interviews CSC Fellow Ray Bohlin. Ray Bohlin earned his Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology from the University of Texas at Dallas and is the current Presidents of Probe Ministries. During his academic studies Bohlin developed doubts about evolution that he then explored in his book, The Natural Limits to Biological Change written in 1984. Listen as he explains his skepticism of evolution and offers advice for emerging scientific doubters of Darwin.